• PET-900 Series - Pyrogenic External Torches
      Unique product for generating ultra-pure steam used in silicon wet oxidation processes

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      • No quartz devitrification - lifetime guarantee.
      • Fast ignition - ignition temperature of 760°C reached within 60 seconds from cold state.
      • Short centered flame.
      • Air Cooling - together with perforated cover achieves skin temperature below 80°C.
      • Safest External torch on the market.
      • No flame "runaway" due to sudden changes in gas flow.
      • Sematech approved for introduction of DCE through the injector.
      • Compact design.
      • Universal, adaptable to all furnace brands and tube types.
      • Easy to install and maintain.

      • Safely ignites a controlled mixture of H2 and O2 using two 500W Halogen lamps which are turned off after ignition.
      • The flame created burns in the center of the combustion chamber. Specially designed and patented injector tip maintains the gas flow dynamics, ensuring that the flame is distanced from both the injector tip and the chamber walls - thus preventing devitrification.
      • The steam is delivered continuously to the process chamber with minimal impact on the process chamber temperature profile, due to short flame length.
      • The torch controller interfaces between the External Torch and the furnace controller.


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