Particle Control and Monitoring Chamber
      Unique Product for Non-Destructive Test of Particle Level on Various Materials Parts etc.

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      • Non destructive test of particle level on various materials, parts, etc.
      • Counts particles 0.3 – 5 µm (future 0.1 µm)
      • Monitors the particle count evolution as a function of time
      • Constant clean air flow thru HEPA filter unit during measurements
      • Forced air stream for removal of particles from parts, (optional ionized air flow)
      • Optional filter unit for collection and analysis of particles

      • Cleanliness of parts and materials
      • Comparison of parts-clean methods
      • Silicon wafers, disk cleanliness
      • Wafers and disk holders, carriers
      • Plastic (Teflon) cassettes, boxes etc.
      • Clean room garments and consumables

      Additional Details
      • Only clean air & electricity required for operation
      • All functions and settings are software managed
      • Touch screen human interface
      • Storage of up to 10 testing procedures
      • Data retrieval to computer or USB memory
      • Electro polished stainless steel chamber (420x420x420 mm)
      • Chamber opening 280x240 mm, fits parts up to 320mm


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